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Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Air Investigations

Will the paper get wet? 

We put a piece of paper in the bottom of a glass. 

We turned the glass upside-down and put it into a tub of water. 

The paper does not get wet! It is because there is still air inside the glass. The air in the glass pushed the water down, so no water went into the glass. The paper stays dry. 

Next we filled the glass with water and pulled it up so we could see the water in the glass. 

We blew air through a plastic tube into the glass. We saw bubbles of air in the water and the glass filled up with air. As the air filled the glass the water was pushed down. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bubble Stories

I could smell the bubble mixture. The bubble mixture smelled like our soap. I could hear people saying, “Look at that one.” I could see people blowing bubbles. Sometimes they were big ones and little bubbles. If you blow too hard they will pop.
By Tazman

I see bubbles sparkling in the sun. The wind was blowing past the bubbles. We had cups to put our bubble mixture in. You can blow big bubbles. There can be big bubbles and there can be little bubbles too.
Some of the bubbles can get to the top of the playground.
By Rocky

Yesterday Room 4 went outside to blow bubbles. Charlotte’s big bubble went up and up in the air. My bubbles went up and down. Sienna’s bubbles went higher and higher into the air. Tazman’s bubble went bigger and bigger and bigger. Joshua’s bubbles were big bubbles and Sam was trying to dodge them. Kimberlee was trying to dodge them too. My bubbles popped and mixture fell from the sky. Nevaeh stayed still and the bubbles came to him. I held my bubble wand up in the air.
By Nadja

The bubbles float and the bubbles come back down. The bubbles pop and we blow some more bubbles. The bubbles go high as the sky. Then the bubbles go pop. Some of us catch them. We chased the bubbles. Some of us got the bubbles. Some of the bubbles chased us. It was fun.
By Eragon

Bubbles are round like a ball. Bubbles are see-through. Bubbles are not strong. They have colourful wiggly lines in them. When you look inside the bubbles you can see your reflection, when you look deep inside the bubbles. When you see the reflection of the trees it’s like there are upside-down trees in the bubbles. When you see your reflection in the bubbles you’re not upside-down in the bubble you’re just the right way. Bubbles float. They don’t stay on the ground like people do. Bubbles just stay up in the air. Imagine people in the air. That would be like bubbles. Bubbles don’t start on the ground and then go up. We blow them with our mouths through something and then they go up. The wind pushes the bubbles in all directions like up, down, right and left. Bubbles go slow through the air but when the wind pushes the bubbles harder the bubbles go just a little bit faster. Bubbles just pop when someone touches it and little drips of bubble mixture come out.
By Charlotte

On Tuesday the 20th we got to blow some bubbles. When we put our bubble blower into the bubble mixture and we took it out, the bubbles had wavy, wiggly colourful lines inside. Then we blew the bubble. The bubbles floated right and left, up and down slowly in the air. The bubbles are rounds like balls and they sparkle bright from the sun. The bubbles drop little sparks of bubble mixture. Bubbles aren’t colourful. The bubbles are a bit invisible. When the bubbles popped I got some more. I could smell bubble mixture. I blew lots of big floaty bubbles. My big bubbles went floating up high in the sky. When my bubbles were in the air I went to put my bubble blower by the other bubble and then I blew it again. There were more bubbles connected onto the bubble. It was fun blowing bubbles. You can see through the bubbles. Sometimes when you look into the bubbles the trees are upside-down.
By Paradise

Bubbles are round and soapy. When they pop they have tiny splashes of bubble mixture coming out. I see: bubbles popping on trees and the grass and on people. The wind blows the bubbles left, right and up and down. You can see your reflection in bubbles. I think what it would be like to be a bubble. Sometimes you can blow big bubbles.
By Scott

Bubbles can shine while the sun shines on them. Bubbles can shine like a rainbow. You can see sparkles in the bubbles. You can see through bubbles. Bubbles can smell like soap. You can hear the wind blowing the bubbles. I think bubbles don’t fly by themselves. I see the bubbles floating like an angel in the sky.
By Tai-Toniō

Bubbles are round and they pop when people touch them. You can blow bubbles in many different ways. I see bubbles floating as kids blow the bubbles in the air. I hear kids giggling as they run, blowing super gigantic bubbles. I think if everybody blows a bubble at once all of the bubbles join together. Then we could run up to the big bubble and pop it BOOM. Has an explosion happened? No the giant bubble popped. We were blowing bubbles different shapes and sizes. Well I think it was super fun blowing bubbles. I can see bubbles everywhere. I saw so many bubbles that I thought I was in a bubble world. I was not. I was just a little dizzy. At last I woke up. I said, “Where am I? I’m in the same world that I was in. I went for a walk around. I came in a track, then I was out. Then I came out at a giant waterfall. I looked right down. Then I climbed right to the bottom. Hey, bubbles everywhere. Everywhere I looked there were bubbles.
By Neo


Monday, November 18, 2013


We made mixed-media seascape paintings. 
First we drew a pencil line across the page to mark the horizon. 
Then we drew wavy lines or koru patterns for the waves. 
We mixed our blue paint with white or black to make lighter and darker tones of blue. 
Then we painted our sea and sky. 
After the paint was dry we drew pictures of boats and coloured them. We glued them onto our paintings. 











Friday, November 15, 2013

Flying Kites

We are learning to write to describe using activated nouns. 

The kite spun in the wind.
The wind blew loud in the air. 
The children ran around on the grass. 
The trees danced in the wind. 
The string wiggled. 
The grass waved in the wind.
The birds flew around us. 
By Megan. 

The kite swooped like a seagull dancing in the sky. 
The wind lifted the kites into the air.
The children ran down the hill happily. 
The trees swayed, swished and swooped. 
By Tai-Toniō

The kite dove towards the ground.
The wind rattled past.
The children laughed with joy. 
The trees blew sideways. 
The string pulled the kite up. 
The grass swished side to side. 
By Joshua

The kite flew in the thin air. 
The wind blew so hard that it took my kite straight up in the wind. 
The children screamed as they were running with their kites. 
The trees blew left and right as the wind blew the trees. 
The string fluttered on my kite as the kite fell down. 
By Neo

The kite swished in the air. 
The kite swooped in the air. 
The wind blows. 
The children fly their kites. 
The children ran down the hill with their kites. 
The trees swish while the children play. 
The string is playing tug of war with the kite. 
The grass waved while the kids run down the hill. 
By Mackenzie

The kite danced in the air. 
The wind thrust the kite up into the air. 
The children laughed, like a big crowd of laughing people. 
The trees waved their green leaves. 
The string tugged the kite. 
The grass flew and clung to people's shoes. 
By Charlotte.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Investigating Air

We are learning to investigate and identify the properties of air. We know that air can take up space inside a plastic bag and that air is invisible. Did you know that air is also strong? We blew up some snap-lock bags and lay them on the floor. Then we turned a table upside down and put it on top of the bags. Then one by one we hopped on the table. The air bags could hold up 4 children. When the fifth child stood on the table one bag popped. When the sixth child stood on the table the bags collapsed. 

Monday, November 4, 2013


At the bus shelter...

By Charlotte

At the bus shelter…

I saw green short grass growing on the hill behind the bus shelter. The hill was enormous. I could see some wire with fence posts on the top of the hill. I can see some stalks of grass in front of the bus shelter the stalks of grass with little white seeds on the top.

I hear wind blowing, machines chopping grass, trucks passing by, leaves flying in the air. I hear the wind whistling above my ear. I also hear the grass making blowing sounds like this whoooooo.

I feel the sun shine shining on me it is hot enough to melt down the tar on the road and then the tar goes all sticky and gooey. The wind making little goose bumps on me.

I wish there was lots of bus shelters like a billion. 

By Finlay

At the bus shelter...
Inside the bus shelter it is warm and dry and shady and gloomy and very dark.
I see horses and cows. 
I hear the bus engine getting louder as it comes closer. 
I feel the cold wind blowing my hair around. 
I wish there were video games in the bus shelter so I could play games while I am waiting
and a barbecue so I could have something to eat. 

By Eragon

At the bus shelter...
I see long grass.
I hear the bus rumbling. 
I feel the bumpy wooden seat. 
I wish the bus was here. 

By Nevaeh

At the bus shelter...
I see leaves blowing past me. 
They are big fat leaves. 
I hear the wind blowing and blowing, it is blowing the leaves past me. The leaves are spinning. 
I feel the wind blowing. 
I wish there was a barbecue in the bus shelter and I wish there were some videos in the bus shelter. 

By Harlem
The bus shelter is fun. I play with my sister when I am waiting for the bus. I am with my sister. I like waiting for the bus. Nothing interesting happens. I was thinking of the time when I was waiting for the bus like when I fell over a stone. 
I could feel the wind hitting me across it made me shiver it was blowing me away. 
I could hear the birds and it looks blue and it is green on the wing its beak is red. 
I can see the birds in the tree singing to each other. The best part of all is that I am not alone. 
I wish the bus shelter had a secret tunnel with lots of weapons and knives and swords.

By Rocky

I   see   the   bus   coming closer   and   closer
I  Hear the   wind    and the    grass   is  blowing.
I   feel  the  wind   blowing  on   me it  feels cold 
I  wish    school  was longer .


I see huge trucks carrying lots of logs.
I hear the bus engine bleeping to me.
I feel cold wind blowing towards me.
I wish there was lots of bus shelters.

By Tazman

At the bus shelter...
It is cold, it gives you goose bumps.
I can hear the bus engine roaring as it is coming louder and louder.
I feel the wind blowing on me.
I wish the bus was a racing car.  

By Paradise

I can see brown big rusty leaves falling off the branches. 
I can hear the bus engine getting louder and louder as it comes closer.
I can hear the wind whistling and howling in the air. 
I feel the strong wind blowing on me. I get colder and colder. I get little goose bumps popping on my skin. 
I wish it had a warm heater inside and a bright shiny wall. I wish there were games in there so then when the bus is coming I can play games. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kite Day

Our whole school had a kite day. First we made the kites. We walked to the lake for a picnic lunch and then we flew our kites. We had a wonderful day.