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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Greetings

We made these Christmas ecards using power point.
Happy Christmas to all our blog viewers from Room 4. 

by Charlotte

by Kimberlee

by Mackenzie

by Nevaeh

by Harlem

by Neo

by Kirsten

by Eragon

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Writing to Persuade

A Pile of Tyres
We are learning to write to persuade. What would you say to persuade someone to keep their pile of old tyres?

Our writing had to include:

  • several ideas for uses for the tyres.
  • elaborate on each idea by giving reasons why each is a good idea. 

If you have tyres in your paddock and you don’t know what to do with them here are some things that you could do with them. You could use it as a planter because you could plant fresh fruit and vegetables. So you don’t need to go all the way to town to get vegetables and fruit and waste your money.  If you make a planter you only need to go outside and pick them. You can also make a tyre swing so if you have kids they can have fun on it. You can also make a ladder with the tyres and if you have a tree at home you can make a tree house. And when you have made your tyre ladder you can put it under the tree house door.  So if you have kids they can play in it and if you put the tyre swing on the same tree they can also play on the tyre swing as well. You can also make a tunnel and maybe your kids, if you have kids, it could be their secret lab. When you have kids you can also use the old tyres for tyre races and roll them down the hill.  When the tyres hit the bottom they can get the tyres and bring the tyres up and they can hop in the tyres and roll in it and that is if the tyres are big enough for them. They will hop in and... WOOOOOSHHHH down the hill they go and make sure you check the hill BEFORE THEY ROLL DOWN THE BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE ROCKS.  You can also make a tyre tower and stick it with wet mud and then cut a hole at the bottom so your kids can have fun.

By Oshyn

Why would you want to throw away old tyres? You might think you want to throw them away, but I would keep the old tyres.
If you keep your old tyres and you have kids, old tyres would be the best things for kids. You could distract them by making them a swing. Then go and do whatever you want. Then they might love the swing so much they want to climb to the top of the swing and they go right to the top of the tree. They come back down to play on the swing. They go super high and you want to make more of the swing.
They might have had enough on the swing, do not throw the swing away. You should not throw away the other pile of tyres because they could come in handy to make something else.
You could have running races with the tyres. Get more people and have a tyre race with all the other people. Then you shall run super-fast with your tyre. Race up and down hills and through deep mud as deep as water. You might crash into a giant tree. Once you finish the race the thing to do is, don’t throw away the tyres.
These are some reasons why you shouldn’t throw away your old tyres.

By Neo.

 Keep those tyres. So don’t chuck that pile of tyres because you could use it for planting a vegetable garden. You get fresh food straight out of the garden and then you know what? You don’t have to pay and waste your money.
You can make a swing out of a tyre for your kids so your children won’t be pestering you and your wife.
If you have a farm you could put tyres on the edge of the cover for silage so your silage won’t blow away. So you will still have at least silage.
If you have some fish and you don’t want to waste your money on just a small fish pond, you could use a tyre and put some water in the tyre and then you have a free home-made fish pond.
If you are hungry you can just get fish and vegetables from another tyre that is very useful too. Then you get fresh, yummy, home-made, not paid.
A tyre is also useful for a ladder because if your kid has got a ball or something and it has got stuck on the roof, your kid is not happy. Then you could get some super glue and put some super glue on each tyre and stick them all in a big stack. Then you climb up the stack of tyres. Oh I forgot you had to super glue the stack of tyres to the ground so you don’t fall. THEN you climb up the stack of tyres and then put yourself on the roof and then get the ball or thing that was stuck on the roof. Then you get something that will get super glue off. Your child will be happy. Trust me, it will work.
Do you know that there is another way that is very, very super dooper good? If you don’t have a swimming pool and your kids really are desperate to have a swimming pool, well I can tell you a very clever way to make one and not have to pay money to get one dug in. Just listen to me and you and your wife and kids will be happy and your hearts will be full of joy. Your kids will appreciate it a lot, trust me.
So shall I get started and tell you? OK then. You just get a tyre and cut it straight with a chain-saw and super glue them together and make a square for the outside frame. Then you dig a deep hole all the way so there is like a square hole just in the middle. Then you put concrete on the sides and at the bottom. Then you put water in it and there you go. A swimming pool - not paid again (I like saying that).
I have got another excellent idea that will help you keep those precious, useful tyres that are very super good. If you’re going camping and you weren’t organised and forgot your tent and it was raining and you brought tyres, then you could hide under the tyres to keep dry.
That’s all I think I will tell you. So remember you can use lots of ways to use those helpful, useful tyres. I hope you use those tyres for all the things I said.

By Charlotte.