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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Writing narrative

We have been learning to write to narrate.
We know a narrative text needs:

  • characters
  • setting
  • conflict

Once upon a time there was a dragon in a city. He liked hamburgers. So he went to the hamburger shop and met a boy eating lots of burgers. He loved burgers. He loved the lettuce, the cheese, the patties and the tomato. Yummy!
“Who’s in there?” shouted the dragon.
“It is me the man, the milkman,” said the boy. The dragon got mad. Really mad! He set the hamburger shop o fire. The milkman screamed.
“Get me out.” The dragon covered his ears. The dragon could not listen to him scream.
It was so lout that the dragon had to run away. But the dragon was running around the hamburger shop. The dragon got dizzy.

By Joshua

Joy the monster went to the disco at 12.00 o’clock and he danced with the princess. She had a baby. A witch came to the disco. She stole the baby. The witch took the baby up into her tower. The baby woke up. The baby cried. She cried and cried. Her prince came to find her. They had a fight with the prince. They began to fight. They charged the witch and she charged back at the prince. The prince won. The baby got back to the princess and they lived happily ever after!

By Elizabeth

One day a monster went for a walk at school. The next day it was the school ball. When he went to his desk his mate said,
“At lunch, let’s go for a walk in the forest.” It was a sunny day. They saw a purple flower. They crunched it up. They saw a snail. A cat was there. He was eating the snail. They turned around. A cat was there. It was getting closer and closer and closer. They said,
“No,” then they ran. They got trapped by other cats. They all got closer and closer. The stayed still. The cats got closer. Then they ran at the monster. Only the man tried to help the monster, but he can’t so he just ran away to the school and told the teacher.
The teacher ran to help. He was gone. He was gobbled up by the cats. The teacher ran to find the cats. They couldn’t find him. The bell rang, they gave up and went home and cried.

By Victoria

Once there was a dragon and a boy. His name was Freddy the famous farter. Anyway, let’s get on with the story. Freddy lived in a city. One day Freddy had an invisible friend. He did not have a name. One day a dragon said,
“I’m going to destroy every single one of you.”
Everyone screamed except Fred. He said,
“No one fear, Captain Freddy is here.” Everyone started laughing at him, including the dragon. But Mr Invisible came over and started to punish him. But he could not stop him, because he was invisible. When the invisible hood defends someone will have his life back. He did and his life was back. They lived happily…EVER AFTER.

By Quinn

One day a pirate and a clown were outside of a large museum. They sneaked into the museum. They saw a time machine and they picked it up. They pushed a button and they went way back in time, when Elvis was alive. Then the clown pushed the button again. Then they went way back into the past, when the dinosaurs and cavemen were around. The clown and the pirate stayed for the night. They fell asleep in the cavemen’s cave that night, when they were so sleepy and they fell right to sleep.
In the morning they woke up and they heard some noise coming from outside. The cavemen people came in. So the pirate and the clown saw them come in .
“Aaaahh,” they shouted.
“What are we going to do?” said the clown. The pirate said,
“We have to tippy-toe out. But how are we going to sneak past the cavemen?”
The clown said, “I don’t know – I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we go in the other doors?”
“Okay, we will have a try in the other doors.” One led to outside. Then they pushed the button. Then the time machine did not work. Then they got chased by a big dinosaur and then the dinosaur stopped chasing them so they got chased by another dinosaur. They found a hiding spot and they went back out and the dinosaur was still out there. So they went back out of the hiding spot and they were so puffed.

By Waimarie.