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Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding My Friend By Antoinette

Building Bridges

The story of the Gingerbread Man has inspired our learning in a number of curriculum areas over the last two weeks at school. 
We have been learning to measure by comparing two objects. 
We made a gingerbread person out of paper, and used our gingerbread person to find objects around the classroom that were bigger, smaller or the same size. We recorded the objects in a table. 
We made bridges for the Gingerbread man so that he could cross the river. Our challenge was to make a bridge out of paper that was strong enough to hold up a toy car. 
Mackenzie and Raukura made this bridge by folding along the edges of the paper. 

Finlay and Max made this bridge by folding the paper into a tube. 

Liam and Scott supported their bridge with triangle-folded columns.

This bridge has rolled up paper tubes to support it. 

This bridge has cylinder-shaped columns to support it.