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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Poetic Writing About a Familiar Place

We are learning to... 

  • Identify nouns, verbs and adjectives  in text.  
  • Use adjectives and activated nouns to create poetic writing about a familiar place. 
Here are some of our poems:

Big cousins playing in the front yard
Black cats creeping up on birds
Cuddly Nan knitting clothes for my (toy) animals
Funny friends joking
Bright sun shining on me
Native birds flying softly in the air
Red butterflies twitching their wings
Purple presents waiting to be opened
I had fun at my birthday.
By Rocky

I saw an old house
Flowers growing in the garden
Fluffy cats on the roof
Bees on flowers making honey in their home
Beautiful butterflies flying in the sky
Birds singing in the tree
Ballerinas with flowers and white dresses
Spinning around a pool filled with fresh flowers.
By Raukura

Tracks long and dusty
Tree-house torn and smelly
Lake wavy and full of junk
Ducks loud and fast
Boats fast doing jumps
House big, smoking away
At tree-house bay.
By Finlay

Angry dogs barking
Sounds of my cat scratching
Baby brother crying
The wind dancing above in the sky
My cat moaning for food
Birds singing to the trees
I love my house and my back yard.
By Tristan

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